03 September 2010

My Little Worker

We've recently made Friday a sort of 'work around the house' day. We've been doing a lot of those house (apartment) projects that are easy to avoid until the end of time. Painting curtain rods, spraying down our stairway, drilling holes in walls for various purposes, painting windowsills, fixing the toilet, putting casters under a table, etc.

And now both Mikey and I wonder "Why did we avoid these projects for so long?"

Cause the satisfaction of seeing a job well done is great! Especially with as many obstacles as there are to completing projects in Africa, with African supplies and African heat!

Anyway, my little boy is often wandering around behind us asking things like:

"Can I elp?"

"Wha you due-in?"

"Wa's dat?"

"Can I have dat?"

"I wan dat!!!!!"

It's pretty stinkin' cute. Most of the time. And we usually try to find something for him to do, or at least let him watch from a safe distance.

Anyway, I took a couple pictures of our boy workin' with his Dad on the balcony. Only here Mikey is fixing the cooler, which isn't really one of those jobs we avoid. It's just one of those jobs that literally needs done every weekend. Ahem. Let me rephrase that. It's just one of those jobs that literally needs done at least every weekend.

Cute huh? What was really cute was watching H spend an entire minute getting on top of the stool because he's wearing huge sandals. But he persevered and now he can reach the, uh, middle of the wall where a repair was (apparently) necessary.

Oh I love my boys (and our weekends together)...

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