10 September 2010

The Payoff

So I rolled out of bed at 10:05am. Halleljuiah and Amen... it was my sleep-in morning! (After I fed the baby that is).

And I grabbed my fairied crepe batter from last night and went for it!

First you gotta heat up the pan and butter it.

Pour enough batter in to thinly cover the pan. Then swish it around and hope.

It's very important to loosen the edges before attempting the crucial flip. Actually the whole thing should kind of feel loose in the pan before you flip it. That is your sign that it's ready to be flipped. It shouldn't be sticking at all. If it's sticking... it means one of two things.
1. You need to wait longer.
2. You need a new pan.

Sorry I can't help you out more with which of those might be your problem if you seem to have lots of stickage...

First couple? Not bad!

Second round?

A bit misshapen and unevenly golden-browned. Who cares?!

I turned out a dozen or so... each one different. These ones, of course, are made for my boy. Just his size. Luckily he doesn't care if they are terribly mishapen. Wait! One of them looks like a blimp! Maybe he'll like that...

Here is the smorgasbord of available toppings.

Order up!

My boy's 'widle' crepes are topped with lemon juice and powdered 'gugar' He's ready to 'pa-way.'

My first crepe has the same toppings as H's.

Mike has the same plus strawberry jam.

The second round is the Nutella round! Nothing is yummier than Nutella and banana if you ask me.


Mike pairs his nutella with jam. Interesting choice.

H is excited about his turn to eat a crepe with just 'gock-wate' on top.

Now he's 'wolling it wike a wug.' (rolling it like a rug).

It's much easier for him to eat it this way.

Crepes with 'gock-wate' make my boy pretty happy. Here he is mid-bite saying: "Mmmnnn, yummy!! Thank-y Mommy!!"

You are welcome!!

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