04 September 2010

The Sabbath

We try to make our Saturday a Sabbath. I've never been super-intentional about a Sabbath, but it's always had a place in my life. Even as a kid Sundays in our home were slower and more relaxing than any other day. I liked it that way. We all did I think.

Recently I read this book by Lynne Baab regarding the subject.

It just got me thinking more about a weekly Sabbath and since then I've been a bit more careful about setting one day aside that stays free of the 'chores' that fill the other 6 days of the week.

My general rules are:
- Avoid laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning, etc.
- Generally avoid anything that 'feels' like work.

That's about it. Here's an example... Mike needs a haircut and my sheets need changed but today is Saturday and those things are kinda like work to me so they'll have to wait. Pretty simple. Pretty straightforward.

But I'm not into legalism, which is why I had no problem inviting a friend and her little girlies over for brunch when our plans to meet at the swimming pool were canceled due to some serious rain last night. It meant I had to cook, but I enjoy hosting friends... so whatever... no big deal! It was fun.

I like the Sabbath. It sets one day apart from others. It's a break from our strong gotta-get-stuff-done mentality. And slowing down to spend time with my family and do other things I enjoy makes me so thankful for all the ways God has blessed us.

Also, I'm definitely about obeying God's word. "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy" is one of the Ten Commandments. It's pretty serious stuff... right up there along with 'Don't kill' and 'Don't have sex with anyone but your spouse.' These are good rules to follow.

But today Sabbath just feels kinda boring.

After my friend left I messed around on the internet for awhile. Then I felt the urge to throw my computer over the balcony and watch it explode into smithereens. I just get so sick of it sometimes. (I know, I know, am I not typing on it this very minute?!)

Mikey was reading on the bed so I joined him and spent awhile flipping through a House Beautiful magazine. I found that boring too. This is highly unusual. I could read a novel, but I just finished one last night and try to take a break in between novels. Don't ask me why. I could scrapbook, but all the supplies are packed away in the cabinet.

And so for almost an hour, I just lay on the bed with my head on Mikey's chest (while he read a great classic) staring out this window.

And there is nothing wrong with this. I mean... it was quite calm and intimate and enjoyable. But it was still kinda... kinda boring. My mind wandered to the moon and back. I was daydreaming about my baby girl's first birthday party (four months away... can you tell I'm a planner?). I was thinking about buying a new mattress. I was mentally composing various lists for shopping. I was reminding myself that we should really go visit a neighbor very soon. I was randomly praying for this and that.

Then I started writing this post in my head.

And then Mikey got up and I decided to stop writing the post in my head and just get up and write this post for real.

So here I am done writing this post telling my virtual readers that my Sabbath is kinda boring today.

Now what am I gonna do?

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