25 September 2010


You might be able to say that the place we live has one season: Hot. But after over four years here, I realize that's not quite right. I would say there are actually three:

1. Hot and dry
2. Hot, rainy and humid
3. Hot and cooler at night

That's about it. Oh... and they should all include 'dusty.' I forgot to mention that. Every season is extremely dusty.

But anyway...

I miss the changing of seasons (I mean... the real changing of seasons as I know it.) For some reason I feel more aware of it this year. I hear talk from home of pumpkins and leaves changing and hay rides and fall temperatures. And here I am, in Africa, sweating in the early morning and seeing a forecast today of more sweat. Yes, it's still season number two.

That's what I get for making my home in the Sahara Desert, huh?

The changing of seasons is a way to mark the passing of time. It's no wonder that when living here, days blend together... as do weeks and months. It's not unusual for me to not know what day of the week it is. Even the current month recently alluded me. There aren't many environmental factors to differentiate days, weeks and months. It's all just kinda the same. Seasons usually give you some change to experience. Something to look forward to. Some passing of time.

And I miss that.

But it's not like me to dwell on the negative, so I'm a-gonna walk down memory lane and rejoice in the last year that we did get to experience the changing of seasons.

Last summer when we flew home for a visit, we didn't know we'd be spending almost a year Stateside. But visas (or lack thereof) and pregnancy and quick-get-a-bachelors-degree-in-nine-months all kinda factored in and made it happen out of our control. And it's a good thing it did, cause without that amazingly quick bachelors degree my Mikey worked really hard for, we wouldn't be back here today. I love how God sees the big picture even when we cannot.

So anyway, lemme tell ya... we experienced those seasons and I sure did love it! Nothing like four virtually season-less years to make a girl appreciate summer, autumn, winter and spring! We sure did make the best of it!

In the summer we went camping in the mountains of Colorado with some dear friends. Wow. Was that a good time or what?! I love me some tents and campfires and hot dogs and picnic tables and having to walk a few hundred yards to use the bathroom. Wait, did I say that last one? I didn't mean it.

I was about four months prego here... I felt pretty good! I mean what prego gal wouldn't be feeling good when the all the makings of s'mores are sitting only an arms reach away?

Mikey cooking. Good times. Rare times too. But we won't dwell on that.

Love this.

Ohmygoodness he was so small and still a baby... not yet two! And he's looking hysterical in those sweat pants and socks with his sandals. I swear I didn't put him in that outfit...

Then came fall on our street in Colorado... gorgeous tree, the Rocky Mountains and my sweet boy enjoying being outside in his little socked feet.

And sidewalks... something else we really appreciated! Ha!

Oooh... and grass! Wow. The list goes on and on!

This is a glorious harvest day at a local historical ranch. Hot chocolate, banana muffins, crisp temperatures and the sun shining. Glory Hallelujah! Autumn is most definitely my favorite.

The belly was growing as the seasons pass too... yikes!

And winter came! [crunch crunch crunch]

"Never to little to shovel the sidewalk..." That's what we always say around here... he he

The Christmas Parade downtown wasn't such a hit with our little guy. He got a bit cold. Me? Not so much. My little personal belly heater was in full-swing by now.

And by 'little personal belly heater' I meant a very large personal belly heater. Nope. No more pictures of the pregnant belly growing. Trust me, you've seen enough. Promise.

But here is a picture of the little belly dweller after she had spent three months out of my belly and in our arms... a bit of SPRING with our families.

I even appreciate the dreary drippiness of spring in the midwest.

The fresh rain and it's clean smell?! Wow. It's so beautiful!
(This picture of Poppi with his two grandsons was taken by Atalie Bale.)

But the spring rains brought spring tears as we said goodbye, packed up our eight suitcases and flew half-way around the world to settle back into our home on this side of the globe.

We've been back for six months now and feeling quite at home. Yeah... I miss things about the States, but there is so much to be thankful for over here too.

Now if I could just remember where I put those fake fall leaves and that recipe for a homemade pumpkin spice latte. Maybe it would taste good over ice...


  1. Me too! I was missing blackberries and crisp autumn days only this morning.

    Funny thing is that during my not-quite-a-year back in the UK last year, I was stuck in a steaming hot maternity ward, looking out at snow and frost and, later, spring flowers. And from there, I moved into the special care unit which was even hotter (not that L noticed, in her tiny woolly hat and under 3 blankets)!

    Is that proof God's got a sense of humour?

  2. hey, great blog. thanks for posting the link on FB. I love that picture of your little boy running around the bushes. praying for you and the family.


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