07 September 2010

She Could Set the World Record

My baby girl could set the world record for longest-time-baby-holds-food-in-his/her-mouth.

Never heard of that world record? Where have you been?

Let me demonstrate.

Here we begin. N has her first bite in her mouth. The food is just hanging out.

A few minutes later. Still chillin'. Enjoying the scenery. Soaking up the spit (gross, but true).

So I go and make myself a cup of coffee. I think I'm a-gonna need it.

I come back. No progress.

So I get my boy and serve him lunch.

Check back.

She's holding strong, folks.

Until. Oh no.

A sneeze.

That's just gross.

But I told you it was still in there. In there, that is, until it came out.

Starting over.

Must. Persevere.

She's back to her holding pattern. Literally.

My boy has now changed locations and is making progress on his lunch.

We have some leakage. But no swallowing. Still holding.

She's getting serious.

My boy? Still working on his lunch. Praise the Lord someone around here is swallowing.

Which reminds me. I should eat too.

This is my lunch. Don't judge. It's delicious.

And yes, I am eating out of a cake pan. This is how you do it when you heat your food up in a toaster oven. Duh.

Checking in. Uh huh. Still no progress.

Now I've finished mine. I'm a very good swallower, thankyouverymuch.

H is plugging away. The crusts and the almonds seem to be bringing him the most challenge.

Wow. This girl is dedicated to her art. She's still got it in there.

Until... oh no! Another sneeze.

This time I caught it. I'm such a good Mom.

But I think we'll wipe 'er down and call 'er done.

She's pretty happy about that.

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