05 September 2010

Sunday School

This evening I debut as a Sunday School teacher for three to five year olds.


I've never done this before. It has taken lots of preparation and planning. And I feel like I have just completed a science-fair project. Or a 4-H demonstration. Or some really bad 3-D art.

Want to see my masterpiece (?!)?

Like it?

Do you get it?

This is Jesus. (duh, right?!) The chunks of concrete that have fallen off my wall stone has been rolled back from the cocoa can tomb! Can you believe it?

Jesus is Alive! And he has a key to, er... um... heaven!!


Mary and her little friends are coming down the construction paper cobblestone path to see that the tomb is empty! Well, it's gonna be empty once I move Jesus away.

And G.I. Joe the Angel Joe is standing guard. He is seriously prepared in his army boots.

Do you think they'll like it? Hope so. Cause this took way too long...

1 comment:

  1. I hoped they liked it, cause I loved it! (And was very glad to hear the stone was chunks from your wall and not the weird chicken nugget-y like things I first thought they resembled!) :)


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