10 October 2010

Biscuit Girl

This girlie is my newest countertop companion. I love countertop companions, don't you?

Today she watched me cook four quarts of homemade tomato soup and prepare a triple recipe of tortillas from scratch. Just another day in the kitchen.

And she was a little busy herself...

gnawing on biscuit.

These cookies/graham cracker/vanilla wafer type things are super common here. You can buy a package of them for the equivalent of about 20 cents in the bus station or at any little store. Personally, I buy them by the case. They're cheap cause they are actually produced locally!

And judging by her smeary little face, I think sweet N likes them!

This particular brand is called Bassam Biscuit. (The correct pronunciation is bis-cu-weet, just so you know.)

Uh huh. I think she'd like another...

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