19 October 2010

Colors of the Rainbow

My boy has been learning colors at school. Well, I don't know if I can can say that he's been learning them if he already knew them. Ach... doesn't matter...

He has to wear certain colors on certain days (except we had no pink or purple.. oops!) and they have stuck to the theme with their craft projects too.

Here's a host of his latest. All colors of the rainbow! Except blue. We must have missed that day.

(Don't worry, I'm sure that the novelty of my son's artwork with wear off someday and I will no longer post pictures of it online for all of you readers to roll their eyes at. At least maybe it will wear off. Maybe it won't. I actually can't say. But you can hope, huh? Ha!)

Such diversity here in red... finger-painted balloon picture, a glitter star, and a red rice strawberry!

Wondering what that white puffy thing is? Cotton candy, silly! And it tasted delicious the 14,000 times I took a bite on demand. (Please note the use of glitter.)

H loved his pink glitter lollipop. I had to throw it away when he wasn't looking. I feared for his health and the health of his baby sister. How do you make a kid understand that not all things are to be shared with baby sisters?

Here they glued grass onto the carrot tops. Cute, huh?

Paper plate sunflower and glittery lemon.

More glittery fruit. Give me a break.

Wow! This was a very multimedia day. Feathers, another paper plate craft, and purple GLITTER painted cotton balls. Those grapes are quite impressive, if you ask me. Maybe too impressive, but more on that later...

For now let's talk about glitter.

This glitter is everywhere by now folks. We are literally living in a rainbow of glitter. I am finding it on my body, on my baby girl, on our counters, all over the car and in my boy's ears.

Okay, so I never actually saw glitter in H's ears, but I'm certain it got in there. How could it not? It was everywhere.

I tried to isolate and quarantine these projects the moment they entered my home. The sirens would sound, I would run to the folder as I put my rubber gloves on, gently lift the delicate artwork out of it's folder and slowly transport it to the kitchen, being careful not to breathe.

But it was all in vain.



Onto black. The pirate hat and the spider were a big hit. I never did figure out what the black square is a painting of. Any ideas?

White. The lamb is nice. I wasn't so happy about the ghost. But whatever.

And brown was interpreted as gold. Gold glitter. LOTS of gold glitter. Lord help us all.

The unit was finished off with some rainbow days! I love the hat and rainbow.

And a rainbow sun and two coloring pages. A glitterless two days. Wow!

But may I draw your attention to something?

Do you notice anything funny about this? I mean it's a super cute picture, but does it look like a small boy colored it?

Puh-lease! I know my boy is gifted and all (he he), but I know better than to think he can color a frog and umbrella so well.

Or these crayons?

Each crayon with it's own color? Colored in almost entirely inside the lines?


I tried to get H to admit that his teachers had colored his pictures. He alluded to it, but I never did get a straight answer.

Oh well. He doesn't seem to mind!

I love you H! You are so fun and so bright!


  1. ok suz....i have never ever seen so many glitter projects for preschoolers....those are some brave teachers. love the artwork!!!

  2. Yeah, I think I've heard of small children LOVIN to color within the lines.... I think....

  3. I think the black picture is of a power cut at night. Either that or the desert. At night.

  4. The teacher in me says the black picture is an old-school hanging black chalkboard... (And like intrepidexpat would say, "At night".) :)


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