20 October 2010

Off We Go!

I am about to embark on either most challenging or the most empowering twenty-four hours of my life.

I am traveling with my children, ALONE, halfway around the world.


I know, I know. People do this all the time. But this person has never done it on such a long trip before.

You see, this trip is me 'chaperoning' the kids home for a visit with their adoring families. The tickets are a complete gift from God! A mid year visits means the families don't have to wait over a year to see the kiddos. My baby girl was 3 months when we left earlier this year and she'd be about 18 months by the time we all go back for a summer break next year. That is just so long to have a baby away and we are so thankful for this opportunity for me to take them home for a short time. It really is a luxury. A true gift!

Mike will stay in Africa and do some traveling around the country that he's been wanting to do for years. I am excited for him too!

Although I will miss him so much.

Part of me is really excited about this airplane trip. I love me a challenge (most of the time). And the other part of me is terrified. My biggest concerns are, in no particular order:

1. Will I get any sleep? I have had trouble sleeping on airplanes since I have had mini human being(s) in my care, even when Mikey is traveling with us. I can't seem to turn myself 'off' enough to rest. I apparently have an internal need to be 'on' in case one of my babies needs something. I can only imagine this will be even greater since I am the only parent going! I mean, it's a good thing I don't zonk out snoring and drooling on myself for the whole flight... but could we meet in the somewhere in the middle, unconscious mind? Can't people literally go crazy if they don't sleep for 40 hours or something? Cause that's about how long I would be awake for if I don't sleep on the planes. Ohmygoodness.

2. Will my baby girl squeal the whole time? She's been a squealer and a squirmer lately. These are not good things to do on airplanes for 6, 1, and 9 hours.

3. My ears. They've been clogged from allergies recently. If they don't pop soon, I fear great pain as we descend. Three times. This could be very very bad.

But I'm really looking forward to an adventure with my kids and the 'I did it' feeling I hope to have when it's all said and done and I've hugged my sister, taken a deep breath of cool fresh air, squished my toes into some carpet and gotten showered.

It's gonna be worth it for all the favorite faces we get to see on the other side!

Here goes nothin'! Off we go...


  1. Oh gurl! Let the adventures begin! Our Good LORD will bring yu thru and when all is said and done- yu will have done it. One moment at a time. I love yu!

  2. Bless you! Praying lots and lots and lots of peace and sleep and joy on all three of you! For the 6, 1 and 9 hr legs!

    As one, pretty assertive mom told me once, she hands out ear plugs to the airplane neighbors. I, however, am not that bold...


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