05 October 2010

Our 8 O'clock Hour

Today I didn't open my laptop at all until my kids were both down for their afternoon naps at 1pm. And we had a great morning!

Usually I check email and Facebook early. And then my computer is just right there so I end up jumping on a dozen times through the morning 'just to check this or that.' But today I didn't and it felt so good.

I think I'll keep this thing closed in the mornings more often! I hate the idea of my kids growing up seeing me stare at a computer screen so often.

Anyway, this is our 8 o'clock hour, spent outside on the balcony...

This kid is so fast on his scooter car!

I love these babes. They are so happy together.

*contented sigh*

H decided he needed to get his tools to 'pix' his car. So he did.

I decided I'd like to drink a cup of coffee. So I did.

Then I watered my 17 potted plants. Including this crooked spiky one, these pink flowers my boy brought home from school and the viney plant that my friend gave me.

Then I put a quadruple batch of lentil soup in my solar cooker. Set it and forget it. Literally. I only remembered to bring it in just before it got dark tonight! Ha!

Then H decided his car needed a good cleaning. So he cleaned it.

And I decided that the plants needed some pruning. So I pruned 'em.

Then N decided she wanted to go inside for a snoozers. So she snoozed.

And I used my boy's toy tools to lower the base of the tripod. My girl is just growing up so fast...

Then I decided her tripod needed a cleaning. So I cleaned it.

Then I put a nail in the wall for the dustpan.

H liked that cause he can reach it.

Then we went inside. Whew!

And it was ONLY 9 o'clock.

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