18 October 2010

Playing Around the House

This sweet girlie is home with her Mama every day. Rare are the moments when she plays quietly by herself. She usually prefers to spend her waking hours on Mama's hip. If Mama's hip is currently unavailable, then she can be found simultaneously army crawling and crying, trying in vain to keep up with her Mama.

Wanna see?

On the rug with her toys... time to play!


And there ya have it. She is not happy.

So, you can imagine my shock a few days later when she wasn't on my hip, nor was she crying at my feet!

Uh oh. This means trouble, right?


It means she found something she wanted to explore,

up close and personal!

Cute, huh?

Here she is exploring something else...

The shelf under the coffee table.

This one was taken right before I had to wrangle her little baby leg free from between the slats.

She also likes to crawl through obstacle courses,

and scale tiny rocking chairs. (Nevermind that she doesn't know how to get back down yet.)

She has also found another use for her tripod!

And like all babies, plastic bags provide hours (minutes) of enjoyment. Don't judge me. She was in no danger, I promise.

And sometimes, she even plays happily in her crib!

But her favorite times are when brother plays with her.

This morning during H's regular reading time he got up, got his baby sister some toys to play with next to him, and then got back to his books! Soooo sweet!

Here they are cooking together.

And playing trains together!

Ohmygoodness, my heart bursts for them!


  1. So cute Suzanne! You take great pictures!!

  2. What a JOY to peek into your beautiful kid's day! I loved it!


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