07 October 2010

Quote of the Day

This boy spends a heck-uva lot of time sittin' at the kitchen table (this slow eating thing is just a stage, right?). While he's sitting there avoiding his PB & J, he'll naturally ask anything he can think of if it means he can stall another half minute before placing another crumb of food in his mouth.

And this photo is on the fridge just beside H's seat at the table. He has asked about this photo many times and I have explained to him many times that that was his Daddy when Mommy and Daddy were on their honeymoon right after we got married.

So last night when I told him that he was going to play at D's house cause Mommy and Daddy were going on a date, he asked (finally, you say... we got to the actual quote part!):

"You're going on a honey-date?"

Ha! I love it! It just might stick...

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