07 October 2010

Today in the Kitchen

Today in the kitchen I did many things. Too many to count. But I have two of note that I'd like to share.

1. Green Peppers

I bought a half kilo of green peppers to chop, mix with onions and tomatoes and freeze for 'omelette packs'. Omelette packs are little packets of chopped frozen vegetables ready to throw in a skillet to add to an omelette. Very handy. Very yummy.

The thing about the green peppers is that you never know if you're getting a regular green pepper or a spicy green pepper. So each time I chopped one I had to put a small bit on my tongue to see if it was spicy. I'd wait a second to see if I was gonna feel a tingle, then if it tingled, I'd spit and choke and gag. Then I'd toss the whole pepper in the garbage. Then I'd guzzle half a glass of water, spit again, mentally curse the peppers, repent for my cursing and start slicing the next one. We aren't spicy food eaters. At all.

I'd say about half of the bag was spicy. This meant that my tongue, throat, lips, fingers, and somehow even my nose was on fire by the end of the ordeal. It was not fun.

I'd like to be done with green peppers for awhile. The tip of my left index finger still doesn't feel quite right.

2. On a sweeter note, look at this!

The name of this cake should be changed from 'Pineapple Upside-down Cake' to 'Butter Fried Sugar and Fruit High Fat Delicious Cake.'

It looks absolutely scrumptious. But I wonder what my local friends will think when I serve it tonight? Oh wait.. the locals love sugar... so I think they'll love it! Ha!

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