24 November 2010

An Answer

I have been working on a sewing project. It's been a somewhat lengthy one that I have really enjoyed. But there always comes a point in a sewing project when the sewing machine and I begin to fight. This applies to ANY sewing machine. My machine has been down for the count for a couple years now so I often ask my innocent friends if I may borrow their machines. I fight with all of their machines too. I don't what know what it is about me and sewing machines.

Aaaanyway... today I was sewing merrily along, thinking "Wow, this machine has been really great!"

Dun dun dun.

You guessed it.

Funny noises, tangles of thread and tight stitches quickly followed.

I was SO frustrated. After multiple tries I was almost in tears. Not only was I near the end of my project but I was also in a race against time to finish before the three snoozing kiddos in my house (one extra for today) woke up from their peaceful slumbers.

Mothers, you know this kind of race against time.

Aaaanyway, I prayed almost without thinking... "Jesus, help me."

And INSTANTLY, I had the thought "Check the bobbin."

So I did.

And I found that the thread was a bit out of place. So I corrected it. Then I threaded the thing back up and gave it one last go.

And it WORKED. Like a charm. Only it was NO kind of charm. It was the Holy Spirit speaking to me about how to fix the machine.

Maybe you think this is silly. Menial. Meaningless.

But I assure you, it is not.

I have been asking God lately to be more aware of Him in my everyday. And this IS my everyday. Well, this and dirty dishes and crumbs on the floor and bottles and laundry and... and... and. But I wonder how many other times the thoughts that pop into my head are from the Holy Spirit. Am I always listening?

So I just wanted to Praise my Jesus 'out loud' in the cyber-world. He answered my prayer. He really does care about our everyday. He really does care about our little details. And he knows how to work a sewing machine too.


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  1. am very pleased to have found someone else who likes sewing here in khartoum....


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