08 November 2010

Here We Go Again

This afternoon (and evening and night and morning and afternoon and evening) we are flying home!

We have enjoyed every moment we have spent in the States. As you probably noticed, we have done many special and fun things and spent time with many who love us!

It's been wonderful. Simply glorious.

I am returning home with a full heart, full suitcases and an eagerness to get the kids back on a schedule and get settled back into life as we know it.

AND I can't WAIT to see my Mikey. I haven't mentioned how much we have missed him during this time.

Boy. Have we missed him?!! Ohmygoodness. Yes!

I'm so excited that he'll be waiting for us in the airport in a day and a half. I get kinda giddy thinking about seeing him again!

But before I get to see him, I have to take the kiddos on three more flights.

I was feeling fine about this. Excited, even.

'Was' is the important word in the previous sentence. Did you catch that?

This girlie was grinning and happy two days ago. See?

But yesterday she pooped up to her armpits twice. And she was lethargic and sleepy and floppy and sad.

Oh no.

I think all the sweet baby girl's food is going right through her. Or at least what she previously ate has gone right through her. Now she refuses more than three drops of milk. She doesn't even want Gerber Strawberry Kiwi Puffs - and those things are like candy.

I think she might be trying to get some more teeth pushed through. Or maybe she has a stomach bug. Or maybe...

I actually don't know what is wrong with her. But we're gonna go for it anyway.

Poor thing.

Now, don't worry about us. A few prayers would be nice. But I'm still not too worried. We'll make it. We'll be just fine.

The way I figure... failure is not an option, right? No one is gonna kick us off the plane or anything. Even if we arrive stinky and grumpy and sick - we'll still arrive.

And that is the goal.


See ya on the other side!

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