06 November 2010

H's 3rd Birthday Party

The paper cups are cleaned up. The hot cider mugs are washed. The leftovers are in the fridge. The streamers are torn down. The house is quiet.

The party is over.

But my heart is full!

You'd like to see some pictures? I thought so. Even though I took 131, I'll only post a few. Candid shots of big parties are not generally blog-post worthy. Usually someone is mid-word or has a fork halfway to their mouth or is only showing the back of their head or has their fly down.

Alright. So no one had their fly down.

Wait. I have one exception to 'no big-party-candid-shot' rule. The exception is my cousin Jen.

Isn't she looking so photogenic for a candid? Is it technically a candid if she is looking at the camera and smiling? Maybe not. But I still award her best candid shot for the evening. Congratulations! And her prize is her picture posted on my blog. Her second prize is the leftover birthday cake. I'll ship it to her in the mail. I'm certain she's a-gonna LOVE that. Or not.


Okay. Moving on. Or moving backwards.

Oh wait.

First let me show you one more.

Me and Dave. You know... my brother in law with the new (used) heart. Doesn't he look great?!

I know!!

Okay. Now I'm moving on. 'On' as in backwards...

Here's my boy before the house filled up. I'm gonna be honest and admit that I meticulously arranged this photo shoot to include the cake and card and the streamers and balloons and my boy. I spent quite awhile on it. Just ask my Dad and my Father-in-law. They watched me and quite possibly thought I was going a bit overboard.

But I think it was worth it...

He's the cutest!

And do you like that cake?

Speaking of meticulous...

This took some time.

But this was also worth it! I think it turned out so cute. I call it "Thomas the Racing Airplane".

Cause it kinda looks like Thomas the Train, it has racing stripes and numbers and it's an airplane.

Did I need to explain that?

I dunno.

Here's one more for those of you in cyberspace who were wishing on a star that you'd see one more shot of the birthday boy and the cake from just a slightly different angle.

You got it.

I'm a proud Mama.

I don't know what the finger in the mouth is about. This is when approximately forty of our closest family members were singing to my boy.

By the way... whoever was singing harmony... you sounded great! I always appreciate a good harmony.


Huff and puff!

Blowing them out! (I helped.)

I asked him which piece he's like. He chose to eat the H! (I edited his name out).

It was such fun! We had a house full. With a capital FULL. I loved it! H loved it too. I'm fairly certain he is an extrovert like his Mama.

I love you H! The last three years have been wonderful, I am so blessed and honored to have you as my boy.

Happy Birthday!

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