12 November 2010

The Journey Home

It seems that it takes me awhile to get around to posting about our long plane journeys.

I think that is cause it takes me awhile to get my feet underneath me. And get them steady. At least partially steady.

Oy Vey.

I mentioned that my girlie wasn't quite herself as we were leaving. But I assured you that we'd make it. Failure was not an option. Well, I was right. We made it.

Just barely.

We did arrive stinky. And sick. But somehow I managed to avoid grumpy. Don't ask me how. Okay, do ask me. The answer is Jesus.

Turns out my baby girl was just at the beginning of her sickness as we flew out of U.S. airspace. And we know now that she had/has a nasty virus. That would explain why she puked during our journey. Twice. And it would also explain the increased diarrhea. I can't even count how many diapers I changed. Sometimes I would literally just have finished changing her in the tiny bathroom at the back of the plane, 'excuse me-ed' my way all the way back down the aisle of economy class, squeezed back into my seat with my girlie in my lap, smell something funny, take a deep breath to calm myself (well, not too deep... it's stinky, remember), tell H that I had to go change N's diaper again, listen to him say "again Mommy?", say "Yes, again.", stand back up, 'excuse-me' my way back to the lavatory at the end of the plane and change her again.

She was really sick.

Here she is during our layover in Frankfurt.

This is how she looked the whole way. So tired. So weak. So sick.

She's not blinking here. This is just the way her eyes looked. So sad.

I was getting worried. Good thing we were almost home at that point. I use the term 'almost' loosely, considering we still had a couple hours of layover, five hours on the last plane and a ridiculous amount of time waiting to get through passport control in our city.

Oh, AND she broke her second tooth on the airplane. So now that makes two teeth for her. And she broke them both on long airplane rides. What is with that? Someday when she can understand what I'm saying I'm gonna tell her how not cool that was.

I'm not gonna lie... the whole ordeal was pretty challenging and stretching for me. I kinda laughed about it all at some points. A little. I also cried.

In other news, H did great. Here he is enjoying his fave airport activity... watching out the window! We talked a lot about all the various kinds of trucks and tractors and buses and planes and carts, etc that there are to see! It's a small boy's dream come true to see all so many forms of transportation all in one place and one time.

And here is is snoozing on the last flight. He's so cute all curled up in ball. I was so thankful he slept.

Anyway, we made it. But by the time we were home at 2am on Wednesday, it had been days since sweet N had eaten or drank anything and kept it inside. Not good. She was so weak I was getting really scared.

We had her at the doctor later the same day. That is when he told us she had a virus and that there was no medicine for her. And that if she didn't get re-hydrated we'd have to admit her to the hospital.

Oh no.

We really wanted to avoid that.

SO... we got as much Oral Rehydration Solution in her as we could for the next twenty-four hours. She still isn't eating much, but she did give us a couple smiles last night, have some wet diapers and eat approximately seven cheerios. So I think she's just starting to bounce back.


I think we'll stay here for awhile.


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