03 November 2010

A Long Drive

A week ago, we hit the road with Grammi for the eight hour drive north.

There was no lack of fun new activities for my boy! We started out before the sun was up and he had a hard time waiting 'for the lights to come on' so he could check out what Grammi packed for him!

Sweet N was interested too but her big brother was not so keen on sharing. She still managed to snag quite a few markers and hide them in her carseat when he wasn't looking.

I don't mind long car drives. Especially with my Mom behind the wheel, no hurry, and beautiful scenery along the way!

Can you believe those fall colors?

Pit Stop 1. Potty and face washing. I'm not sure if we hit a bump in the middle of the green marker usage or if H was just getting creative. Ha!

Then we hit some rain. Even this I enjoyed. But I wouldn't have enjoyed it if I was driving. I haven't driven in much rain the past five years and now I fear sliding in it like ice. Weird, huh?

The rain didn't last too long...

... and we drove past many scenic places like this.

I love the hills of Appalachia!

Check out this cool sun spot on the side of the hill.

H loved the tunnels!

Such nice roads and views! This ride make me so grateful for America's infrastructure.

Another tunnel. Really makes you realize that you are literally driving through a mountain.

That's weird.

The new books were a big hit. If you know my boy, this is no big surprise for you.

Pit Stop 2.

No... not the 'CLEAN RESTROOM' gas station.

McDonald's, of course!

Look at him shove that burger in his mouth. You'd think he's eaten a Happy Meal once a week for his entire life.

And I just realized how awful it is that they name the child's meal a Happy Meal. Talk about trying to teach kids to connect food with happiness.


Not that that means I'll stop ordering them occasionally. I'd just like to publicly state that I don't agree with that principle.



Moving on.

H took a short after-lunch snoozers.

N on the other hand refused to sleep nearly the whole time. She was making lovely noises in the backseat... lemme tell ya. She would rotate between being quiet, chatting softly and her trademark screeching.

My girl displayed incredible stamina to stay awake nearly the entire car ride!

If only there was a prize for this.

Not for her. But for Mom and I.

We deserve it. We're the ones who had to listen to her! My boy did too, but he didn't care. Well, Mom didn't care either. And frankly neither did I.

So nevermind. Forget the prize. She squeeled but nobody cared. I guess we don't need a prize.

That's that.

Anyway, I didn't contort my body to take any pictures of her doing any of her three activities, so here is another picture of the scenery...

Love these barns.

Hey... we're gettin' close!

Yep... this is it!

Home sweet home.

Well, one of my homes at least!

I suppose this one could be coined "The Childhood Home"

Home sweet childhood home.


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