05 November 2010


As we speak
As I type, These two are off on a date. Maybe 'honey-date' if you would ask my boy.

They are at Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show. In fact, this very moment they are probably oohing and aahing at Princess Jasmine levitating. Or Donald Duck jumping out of a locked cage. Or singing along to "It's a Small World After All" waving their arms in the air.

Who knows really what they are doing?

Everything I know, I learned from the internet.


I have to resort to these methods cause I wasn't invited.



Meanwhile... can you guess what I'm doing? (Okay, I'm blogging. Duh. You got me there. But I mean what I was doing BEFORE I sat down to blog about what I was doing?)

Uh huh. Baking.

I am magically trying to transform


and this

and this

and this into a fun airplane birthday cake for my boy.

Check back later this weekend for final results.

P.S. This was my lunch.

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