21 November 2010

Oh Happy Day!!

Today was a big day in our house.

Do you know why?


I'll tell you.

I mean... I'll show you!

My girlie wore pigtails!!!

Calm my beating heart...

I can hardly take it!

After I wiped the happy tears from my face I rushed her outside for a picture taking session. During which I took forty-five photos.

Yes. Forty-five.

Thank you Jesus for digital cameras. Can you imagine if I had film and in the middle of my forty-five shot I was like "Hold on sweet N, don't touch your hair. And don't crawl around on this dusty ground. Mommy just has to rewind this camera, pull out the thirty-five millimeter film, pop it in this little can and load a new one, okay? DON'T MOVE."

Uh huh.

Thank you Jesus for digital cameras.

Actually, If I had used up two rolls of film on this that would have made me psycho. Let's just be honest about that. But since the photos are digital I can snap forty-five and NOT be psycho. Right?

Aaaanyway, I got about four decent ones. And forty-one 'aesthetically challenged' photos. (Just trying to be P.C.)

Like this one. What is that face N? (She obviously didn't know that this was one of the biggest days of her life.)


And here is a fly on her nose.

Rubbing her face.

A fly on her lip.

More rubbing.

Blinking and the fly. Again.

And here is a charming photo of the bottom half of big brother running across the frame in his undies. There is almost always one of those!

But he liked her 'pinky-tails' too!


  1. Your children have always been dolls, but now that she has hair long enough to play with, she really is your beautiful little doll :-) Enjoy your girlie mother-daughter moments!

  2. Oh how sweet! Maggie doesn't have enough hair yet for piggy-tails. Even if she did, I think they would stay in for about 3 minutes before she pulled them out. Kinda like her socks.
    Katie E

  3. love seeing life through your eyes! Celebrating this day WITH you!

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