03 November 2010

Outside With Poppi

Last night Poppi and H braved the cold together!

They kept busy with wagons and trailers and shovels and tractor rides and hopscotch and ladders and so much more. There is a lot to explore around here!

My boy had my dad running to keep up!

The funniest of all of their exploratory wanderings and various outdoor activities were the 'rolling down the hill' lessons.

You probably can't tell, but I could tell from the window that it began with an explanation of the proper form. My boy was instructed to cross his arms across the chest as he goes down. This is important if you're doing to achieve maximum rolling speed and distance.


A little push from Poppi and down he goes!


After a little pause at the bottom to recover, H was back at the top of the hill.

Poppi's turn!

Of course he needed a push too...

Oops! Apparently H could have used a lesson in proper pushing cause he got drug down the hill too!


There goes Poppi! Great form, Dad!

Oh no!

Are you okay Poppi?

Yes? Great!... let's roll you back up!

Wow, my boy is so strong.

I wonder which was harder... my boy trying to push his Poppi up the hill, or Poppi rolling himself up the hill while making my boy think he was the one doing it!

1 comment:

  1. Sweetest thing ever! I'm sure you know, but you are so blessed to have such amazing family! (And, yes, I, the nearly complete stranger, am still reading all the many blog posts I've never before seen. Almost as addicting as chocolate!!) :)


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