07 November 2010

Romp 'N Stomp

Earlier this week we went up to visit Aunt Julie and Uncle Curt in Medina. We had a great time at the cheerleading competition... where Medina won!! Whoo-hooo! (Sorry no pictures of that.)

And the next day the kids were treated to a couple hours at Romp 'N Stomp!!

Think bouncy-paradise meets a glorified-library-story-time!

It was so fun!

But don't take my word for it.

Let me prove it.

Baby girl loved the 'just her size' ball pit...


H had four big bouncy 'things' to play on.

This was his fave... the big slide.

He'd climb up like a champ,

slide on down,

and fall into the pit at the bottom.

He'd land happy.

Every time.

Then he'd climb up and slide down.

Again and again and again.

N still happy in another 'just her size' play area.

"Playtona Speedway"


After an hour bouncing, there was circle time!

The letter of the day was 'I'... they learned about igloos, iguanas and ice cream.

Thank you Aunt Julie!!

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