17 November 2010

Wee Little Birdie

I was feeling crafty awhile back and sewed up this sweet little birdie for a friend's baby girl who is due in a couple weeks.

Isn't it sweet? I filled it with (clean) candy wrappers so it goes *crinkle crinkle crinkle* when little hands squeeze it.

I totally copied this birdie from a random seller on etsy. And then I had to google 'blanket stitch' because that stinkin' stitch gets me confused every time.

But I love how it turned out!


  1. I so enjoy your blogs, and I felt ever so pulled to tell you just that. We are thinking of you and your family often. You bring me right to your door, thru the step, and down to the chair beside you. Thank you.

  2. Uhh... can I place my order now for about half a dozen of these cute little diddies?



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