14 December 2010


AT this moment, my parental units are snoozing in my guest room.




Or at least they're trying to snooze. I forgot to warn them about how loud the street out front gets in the morning...

Aaanyway, last night my world began to collide. It started the moment I saw my Mom walking through the airport in my direction.

How can this BE?!!!

Then my Dad followed.


They looked so at ease... so natural, as if they have often arrived at random airports in North Africa for years after 40 hours of traveling. They made the journey not knowing if their real visas would be waiting for them upon arrival. I won't share in detail what documents they used to actually make it here if their real visas weren't obtained yet when they left the U.S. or what may have happened to them if we didn't manage to get their real visas in time for their arrival.

Yikes. Brave souls, my parents.

But they arrived too late to see the kids last night and so now I'm waiting for the signal that it's safe to send the littles in to say "Good morning!"

And I have butterflies.

My parents are HERE! In my home!!

Wow. Thank you JESUS!!

This is gonna be fun.

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  1. I am so happy for you and your parents and your kids. I was thinking about your mom yesterday and how much she must be aching to squeeze those cute babies of yours. I actually picked up the phone to call her and see if she would want to come over for lunch with my squeezable, similar sized nuggets. I never finished the phone call (interupted by a 2 year old boy using his train table as a urinal, uhg!). I hope you all have a great visit. Tell your momma to call me when she gets home. We can have lunch and she can tell me all about her trip.
    Katie E


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