23 December 2010

Christmas Craftiness

We have been so busy since Grammi and Poppi arrived that I haven't had time to share all that has been keeping us busy!

Here's one thing.

Grammi came armed with craft kits!!

Can I get a "Yeeee-Heeeeee?!"

That's what I'm talking about. I love me a craft kit. No preparation necessary. Just rip it open and dump it out! It's like crafts for dummies.

I mean, we're no dummies, but it's still nice that it's easy enough for dummies to do.

Who am I calling a dummy?

Oh nevermind.

These were small felt ornaments with cute little things to glue on for decorations.

My boy really got into it.

I'm not gonna lie. So did I.

Grammi was the self-less tiny snowflake felt sticker hole-puncher-outer.

Did ya catch that?

Or if you are my boy, you'd call them 'cornflakes.'


He's just so darn cute.

I guess it makes sense that he'd confuse snowflakes and cornflakes. He doesn't really know what either is.



His favorite part was putting the 'hats' on the top of each one.


Here is how they turned out. Super cute, right?

This one is my fave. H actually did it!

Or is it this one that is my fave?

No no. This one.

Ooohhh, definitely this one.

But what about this one?

I loved them ALL!

Best $2.99 Grammi ever spent. It was so fun and the results were great.

Hurry! Go buy you a kit!

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