24 December 2010

Cookies! Cookies! (etc)

I don't think I've ever done as much Holiday baking as I have done this year! It's much easier and more fun with Mom here!

These I made a couple weeks ago and they're loooooong gone.

But aren't they gorgeous? Chocolate log cookies, mint icing and crushed candy canes.

Yum, yum and yum!

This is the first thing Mom and I made together.

I didn't want to wait on these puppies. My tummy had no patience. We put dark chocolate/mint chips inside.

No, you can't buy those in this country.

Definitely hand-imported by my parents (along with a lot of other goodies!)

Lord have mercy.

They are (were) delicious!

That recipe and the next few came from this little cookbook. I'd like to make every recipe in here! (And we're well on our way...) ha!

Next up...

Sounded good!

And looked good. But was severely lacking in flavor.

This was another first-timer for us. Sounded unique!

Looked good!

I was so proud that they looked so much like the picture (how often does that happen?!).

But these too, are lacking in flavor.

Sorry Martha.

Moving on.

Have you ever laid eyes on these delicious little lovelies?

I highly recommend them.

Delicious. To be sure.


The family tradition recipe!

Cardamom Seed Cookies!

These are rolled out and cut into squares. The recipe is HUUUUGE. Cause my great-grandmother was the youngest of thirteen surviving children in her family. So you know they HAD to make a big recipe. The recipe could make 800 cookies or more.

No, we didn't make a whole batch. We're not quite a family of 15, if you hadn't noticed.

We finish these off with a simple glaze.

These are thee comfort Christmas cookies in my family.


And these are Linser cookies. Filled with apricot jam! Love the stars.

We finished off the sugar creations with:



and this.

Some skilled spinning,



and this is what you get!

Wow! We've got quite a few to choose from. My belly rejoices during this season along with my heart!

Merry Christmas Eve!

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