29 December 2010


Mikey got creative with his gifts for me this year. There were five envelopes hidden in the tree and it was so fun to open each one.

His sense of humor really shows though on these cards (and his artistic skills too! Ha!) and it takes me back and gives me butterflies like I had when we fell in love the first time seven and a half years ago...

1. A trip to a forest full of monkeys! Who wouldn't want to go there! And snacks! He sure knows what I like...

2. My choice of potted plants! I can't get me enough potted plants! But I guess I can't choose a small tree that takes three people to carry.

Ooh... maybe I'll choose some plants for indoors!

Good idea, self!

3. Three hours to go BY MYSELF to a gorgeous hotel and sip a paid-for mocktail? Glory hallelujah!

I think the emphasis here belongs on the BY MYSELF part. Wow. What a gift!

4. A trip to a family fun park! And I always love it when the words 'all inclusive' are used.

5. This is the best one.

Can you read it? He's gonna:

a. Take me shopping. He actually used the term 'to as many stores necessary.' (Um, did you mean that honey? Cause I'm not sure you really meant that...)
b. Buy me a new stove!!!!
c. Did you catch that?
d. Buy me a new stove with functional burners AND a door that closes!!!

Wow. My heart is fluttering...

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