29 December 2010

Gone Now

I woke up this morning and my house definitely felt emptier. Quieter. A bit heavier and sad.

My parents have left.

They boarded a plane at 3am and flew out of this African city as quickly as they flew in two weeks ago.

Last night as we said our last goodbyes outside in the cool darkness I told them that their visit was one of the best gifts I have ever received.

I meant it.

They came a long way. Spent a lot of money. Spent months preparing. And took a lot of time to come here and see our home on this side of the globe. They jumped in and experienced everything. They were so adventurous and full of energy. So helpful and generous.

It was an amazing time.

Thank you so much, Mom and Dad, for loving me and our little family and for showing your love for us in this incredible, tangible, once-in-a-lifetime kind of way.

We love you too.

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  1. There are simply no words to express how much this trip meant to us! As parents of a beloved daughter who lives half way around the world with her amazing and wonderful family, it was such an honor to be part of your lives for a couple of weeks in "your part of the world". And so touching to be not just tolerated, not even just entertained (during such a busy time of the year!), but honored and enveloped in love by your large group of friends. When such a huge distance separates a parent from a child, despite the ages involved; or any person(s)from dearly loved family member(s), skype can only do so much! There is truly nothing that compares with sharing everyday experiences, with learning what their very different but very (in their world) normal life is like. I loved the market. I was amazed by the desert. I was in awe of the pyramids and hieroglyphics. I have never experienced a Christmas Eve service where the congregation sang with such joy and enthusiasm! I also have never seen so many crazy drivers in one enormous city. Nor have I ever before had such appreciation for the U.S. rules about keeping the environment clean. And yet I find myself excited along with residents of your city about the ongoing attempts at rebuilding and rejuvenating the area. But, besides all that, I relished just having meals with you all, getting hugs (you never know how much they mean until they're not available), baking cookies and just plain hanging out. And, of course, reading books to H, guiding the wobbly steps of N, and just plain observing what wonderful gifts from God all of my family truly are!! We laughed, we talked, we worshiped, we played games (that, in our family, is a story in itself - - - and by the way, welcome to the oh-so-willing-to-be-part-of-our-crazy-family-game-times-and-so-you-are-officially-welcomed-anytime sweet young lady L (you know who you are)!!!- - - and we lived together in this very different place from where we raised our family, and it was good!!


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