09 December 2010

Kawa Temple

Sunday morning's expedition was to nearby Kawa Temple. Once again, I knew nothing of the place when we were there. What I know now I just learned reading the travel book while I'm sitting here typing. Most people read travel books BEFORE or DURING a visit to something 'touristy.'

Sometimes that's me.

But not this trip.

Don't ask me why.

Anyway... to get there we drove on a nice tarmac road for a short while and then randomly veered off the side of the road and began driving through the desert. Got it? Think you could find your way there with those directions?


I find it's always kinda fun to drive on a nice tarmac road for a short while and then randomly veer off the side of the road and begin driving through the desert.

It's also fun to get out of the vehicle and discover camel tracks all over the sand.

Kawa used to be the capital of the region. You sure wouldn't guess that by the looks of this photo, huh? A bunch of sand.

But here's a pile of stuff.

Old clay pots. Broken.


Or not really.

And here is part of a small clay mold that was used to bake bread and sacrifice it to the gods.

Or something like that.

This is really not my strong suit, folks.

Was that interesting?

Oh, sorry.

What is interesting is that Tutankhamen built a temple here in the 14th century. I'm guessing this is King Tut... like the same name as the line dance I did at 4-H camp when I was 10 years old? Same as the name of the famous Egyptian guy?

Do I have ANY idea what I'm talking about?

Oh my.

Aaaanyway... apparently there was a really impressive sphinx.

So impressive, in fact, that the British took it and put it in their museum.

Thanks a lot.

They also say that the whole place was excavated in the 1930's but since then the sand and dust storms have buried it again.

I can understand that.

There's a lot of sand.

Here's something that isn't buried. It's a piece of a REALLY old column.

My boy snuck under the red velvet rope and climbed up there before the security guard could stop him.

Just kiddin'.

There's no red velvet ropes or security guards around here.

There's no nothin' but a couple happy little kiddos with lots of exploring to do.

And a little digging too. Lookie at my little mini-archeologist...

...maybe he is standing on the exact spot where the sphinx used to be!

We'll never know, will we?

On a different note... look at this sweet girlie on her Daddy's shoulders.

Her little arm reaching for the sky!!! So so so so so sweet.

Sweet until this: N is in a headbanging stage. So in all her shoulder-riding joy she threw her little head back and then forward and of course smashed her little mouth into Daddy's (not so soft) head.

Uh oh. Grabbing her mouth in pain...

Don't worry baby... Mama's a-comin'!!!!

Oh my. Poor little thing.

Here, let me take your picture while you're crying. That'll make you feel all better.

While Mikey did the real comforting, I had a moment. A moment in which I looked at my shadow and thought "Where are you Suz, are you inside a period film or something?"

Between my long skirt, sun hat (bonnet?) and head scarf around my neck (shawl?) I felt like I was going to meet Marianne Dashwood for a walk through Norland Park.

That's all I have to say about that.

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