13 December 2010

The Littlest King

Yesterday evening my boy had his debut in a Christmas play at church!!

He was cast as a King (a.k.a. Wise Man).

Ohmygoodness he was SO darn cute.

He was by the far the smallest of the entire cast.

In the 'backstage' room before the show he was with the shepherds. Doesn't it look like they're consulting him due to his wiseness?

Cute, huh?

The concept of the play was super cute. Some big kids were touring a museum with their teacher when a certain painting came to life!!

You can see the large yellow frame above with Mary and the angel on the 'canvas'.

Here my kingly charges were not-so-calmly sitting and waiting for their turn to walk down the aisle.

When the time came to march in a line my boy started out just fine. Then he realized that his Mama wasn't by his side and turned around in horror for the whole congregation to see. I rushed to his side to lead him up the aisle, all-the-while whispering in his ear "Remember that Mommy said if you stay on the stage with the big kids the WHOLE time, I'll give you fruit snacks when we get home? Good boy.... go on stage now."

It worked!!

He stood on the stage. (With visions of fruit snacks floating in his head).

Well, there were visions of something in his head besides the movements to the songs.

I guess he did what I asked and not much more.

He stood. Like a statue.

He never once, during rehearsals or the show, even tried to sing along.

Once, for about two seconds during rehearsal the day before, his little arms appeared to start moving in the motions like the other kids.

My heart leapt!! He's doing it!!

And then just as suddenly as he started. He stopped.

Nope. Not really joining in.

Now he's preoccupied with his 'gold'.


This is my personal favorite. Standing like a statue, making a fish face (?!), while the kids all twirl about.

It was the best first Christmas play ever!

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