29 December 2010


Today this girlie turns one.

My heart has burst this year watching this sweet girl grow. And it has melted too. It has burst and melted. Melted and then burst. Gone are the days when she was content to snooze in my arms. Gone are the mornings when she snuggled sweetly with us in the big bed. Long gone are the tiny baby onesies and itty bitty socks.

Now we have a mover. We have a climber. We have a giggler and a 'talker'. We have a girl that loves to laugh with her big brother. We have a girl that learns something new everyday. We have a girl who has a little will of her own. We have a girl who knows what she wants.

I miss the tiny infant days. I do. But I am excited for what is to come too.

Every age is so fun. It's funny how I can be so sad to see one stage go while simultaneously beside-myself-excited for the next season. Many times I look at her big brother and see all his life and light and wit and humor and personality and I cannot wait to see what quirks and thoughts and gifts and unique things lie inside of my sweet daughter.

Oh, my dear sweet N... you are one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am so honored to be your Mama and I can't wait to spend another year loving you and watching you grow!

Happy First Birthday!

1 comment:

  1. You have the most adorable girl in the world! Love you, N, happy birthday!


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