26 December 2010


A week ago we went on another desert adventure. I was gonna just post the highlights cause I know my 4.5 readers have seen a lot of desert pictures lately. But I couldn't do it! It was just too special of a trip!!

These fun folks were our traveling companions (again).

But there's more...


And Mom and Leah came too!

It was a dream come true.

When we were planning Mom and Dad's trip, I mentioned that we'd like to drive up to the pyramids and then camp out for a night in the desert after that.

I expected their response to be proceeded by much awkward silence and hesitation.

But it was not!

I have continually been amazed at my parent's adventurous lets-try-everything spirits! It's been great!

So early Tuesday morning we loaded up and hit the road.

Oh yeah... and this sweet one came too. She's always with me. I'm so glad.

After a few (thankfully uneventful) hours on the road it was time for a road stop.

I love desert road stops.

Don't you worry. We were not without hot coffee.

At one point I had a moment. An 'am I walking around in the Sahara Desert holding a mug of hot coffee in my hand like nothing is abnormal here?'

My life is weird.

Aaanyway, these kiddos ran off much steam spreading cuteness as they went,

my Mom found this crazy looking bug,

we switched drivers and were on the road again.


A couple more (still uneventful) hours and we arrived! The group started hiking the dune to the pyramids while..

my boy invented a game.

It goes like this.

1. Run through the sand.

2. Throw self down on the sand.

3. Repeat.

Don't ask me.

He loves the sand.

This is when he went running up the dune.

Really really far up the dune.

And this is his father chasing him. Ha!

Now they're headed the right way. Look at the footprints!

Our pyramids don't compare with those of Egypt cause some nutso explorer came and blew all the tops off looking for treasure.

Well, that and the fact that they're way smaller.

But we have more!!

Did you hear that Egypt? We have more pyramids than you.



Here's a really really old pyramid with a reconstructed front.

Real hieroglyphics!

I could have licked them if I wanted. There is no glass or signs or hieroglyphics monitors to tell me 'Don't touch.'

But you'll be glad to know that I restrained myself.

My girlie saw the whole thing from my back.


Lone man on top of sand pile.

Two peas in a pod.

Funny camel guys.

Happy feet.

Mom on A CAMEL!!!

Is this happening?!

Dad on A CAMEL!!

I repeat: Is this happening?!

My boys on a camel!

Love it.



After choosing a couple souvenirs

we had a picnic lunch.

I love me a picnic lunch.

Leah and I loaded back up into our seats.

Don't judge by our faces how thrilled we really were to be climbing back onto this cramped bench.

I consoled her and said "Someday we'll be old and we won't have to sit in the crappy seats."

No offense Mom and Dad.


A couple more (still uneventful) hours on the road and we reached our campsite.

It was just us under these few trees, surrounded by rock piles in the middle of the Sahara.

It was very cool.

And that is a severe understatement.

Mom was there.

Dad was there.

And that made it all very very cool.

Dinner was prepared

and served. Delicious!

I love me a campfire picnic.


These girls make me smile.

Then there were crazy fire bombs that flew out of the campfire!!

Either that or Dad was messing around with my camera.

I can't be sure which it was.

We watched the moon literally rise over the rocks.

It was a full moon and flashlights were hardly necessary after it got high in the sky.


Don't judge. It was a long night.

I won't go into details except to say that the wind was blowing and the tent wasn't holding and my boy didn't want to sleep and my my girlie woke up between 3 and 4 and thought that it was daytime and just wanted to play and and and.


Would you call those details?


It was a long night. But that didn't stop my heart from bursting with joy.

For the most part.

I mean... how could you be upset at this little one?

You can't.

You just can't.

Even at 3:30am when she was crawling over my face and bonking me in the head with her wee fist I couldn't be mad. She was just TOO cute. And it was bright as day.

Who can blame the girl?

I blame the full moon.

After breakfast and cleanup and loading we were on the road again headed for another 'tourist' site.

I use the term 'tourist' loosely.

Walking the final bit to see...


The Nile and some rapids.

Some call it the Sixth Cataract.

Whatever that means.

I suppose it was nice looking, as far as nature in this country goes.


We stood around looking for awhile before we jumped back in the vehicles.

We had one more short stop during which my boy took 'a west' (a rest) in the backseat.

Then we completely the (STILL uneventful) drive home. Unless you call me actually managing to fall asleep in that backseat an event worthy of note. Which I think I do.


In conclusion, it was an amazing trip and I was honored to share it with some of my most favorite people in all of the world!

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  1. suz, i adore your adventures....i am truly jealous. what wonderful stories and pictures you will have to share with your grandkiddos someday. love your spirit. and glad to see your parents having the time of their life too :)


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