11 December 2010

Quote of the Day

Often times, my 'Quote of the Day' should actually be called "Silly Conversation with a Three Year Old Boy of the Day."

I hope you're okay with that.

Cause I am.

This Quote/Conversation needs a preface. That preface is that I am NOT pregnant.

Just so you know.


Sitting at the breakfast table one day H looks over at me and says all cheery and proud... "You're getting bigger and bigger and bigger!!"

I look at him, "Who, me?" (pointing at self).

"Uh Hmmmm" he replies. "If you eat all your food you'll get bigger and bigger and BIGGER!"

Great. Thanks a lot H. That's just what a Mama wants to hear.

It's easy to see where he learned this behavior (that is what we tell him to try to get him to eat!). But it's not so fun to have it turned around on me.

I hope he didn't really mean it...


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