26 January 2011

Flashback to Museum

Flash with me folks, back to December when my parents were here and we were doing 'touristy' things!

I took the 'rents and the kiddos to the National Museum. I wasn't really looking forward to it (hope I didn't let on Mom and Dad... but maybe I don't hide things like I think I am sometimes)... but I can say that now cause it was really fun!

H thought so too. He'd been there before but was too young to remember.

There is lots to look at and lucky for him... lots to CLIMB on and run around.

There isn't really the same respect for ancient artifacts that some of us are accustomed to. We've seen this all over the country when we have toured sites. Very rarely are there any limitations to the amount of touching and climbing you can do. There are rarely any velvet ropes or "Don't touch" signs.

So my boy was exploring an ancient Egyptian-ish sculpture. I remember making a mental note (or attempting make a mental note) of the date of this item you'll see below. But I failed to save that date in the long-term archives and now a month later it's long gone.

But I can tell you that this thing is old. Like, really really old.

And here is my boy climbing up and telling us "He's talking to me!"

Ha! He's just pretending. He's such a good pretender.

At least I hope he didn't hear any voices. Cause that would be creepy and strange and...

Nope. I'm certain he was just pretending.

And then he got real friendly and climbed up into the dude's lap.

This is as close as he's ever gotten this year to sitting on Santa's lap.

I can hear him now...

"Dear ancient Egyptian-ish statute... all I want for Christmas is an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!"


H isn't the only one who can pretend...


Now he's striking the pose in front of another ancient model.

So cute. (the boy, NOT the statue!)

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  1. It was an amazing visit! So funny that you confess that you weren't terribly excited to go!! Neither was I!! I really didn't think the museum would have much for us to see! Truth be told (now that we know differently)- I could have spent a lot longer just so I could have time to read about the displays.
    So I'm really glad we went. And I must say, I feel guilty to this day that we touched, and allowed H to touch, and even sit on, some of the ancient artifacts! But we were allowed! And someday when this beautiful part of the world is a more popular tourist destination, with tourist rules - - - we will remember when people were allowed to touch! And we will be in awe!
    Thanks for taking us, even though you had internal reservations!!


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