20 January 2011

The Letter I

Today in school my boy studied (term used loosely) the letter 'I'.


Isn't it amazing how H can paint in the letters so well?

Oh yes, my boy the teachers are great painters. I've already mentioned this here.

Aaaanyway, they always color or paint the letters and then color or paint something else that begins with the letter.

This is nursery school activities 101, right? You get it.

Only I thought today's 'I' word was a bit strange.

In the U.S., when Aunt Julie took H to Romp 'N Stomp, they also did the letter I. And they talked about igloos, iguanas and ice cream! Fun!

Today (are you ready for this?!) H brought home a nicely colored picture of an...


You have got to be kidding me.

Really. Is this some kind of joke?

They had two and three year olds coloring pictures of syringes and teaching them INJECTION?!



  1. Wow! I know that where you are is hot and not full of igloos, but still, injections?! It *is* a different world over there, huh?! If there's a silver lining, at least it's easier to believe that H colored the picture himself. :)

  2. Everyone here wants their kid to grow up to be a doctor! Start them on the path nice and early... :-)

  3. i just laughed out loud.....hilarious. maybe it is pre nursing school?


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