28 January 2011


We recently got a new (used) wardrobe for the kids room. We don't have any built-in closets in our flat (most homes don't). We have had various metal wardrobes and cabinets for many years, but I am slowly trying to replace the metal furniture in our house that reminds me of office furniture with wooden, warmer feeling homey pieces.

So awhile ago when it was time to switch... this is how we started:

By dumping everything on the floor.

Oh my.

This may have overwhelmed some.

But me? It made me TOTALLY excited!

I did have some help...

Like this guy who was the music D.J.

And provided some dancing entertainment.

And this girl helped me by knocking over my neat stacks of folded clothes. She is so great to have around.

Once it was all washed out it was ready to fill.

We started from the top down.

Oh wait... I don't think that's the best place for those two munchkins. Then where will I put the spare diapers and pack n play sheets?!


Soon everything was in it's place. Things were purged, folded, organized and sorted.


I just love this kind of project... I can't help it! Making organization out of chaos brings such joy to my heart...


  1. Doesn't it feel like such a joy and accomplishment to have that done? I'm envious and wish I could pay for you guys to visit the States (and to help re-organize my closet!)! Haha! :) Seriously though, it looks great and very homey!

  2. Haha! isnt that the wardrobe we so desperately tried to pull over your balcony when you guys moved in?!?! brings back memories...


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