27 January 2011


Today we had an outing. Just us girls.

And it was N's first time on the local bus!!! As you see, she was as thrilled as L and I were!

She did pretty well and mostly loved that she had so many new faces to look at.

Like the face of this guy behind us, who had his camera out to take pictures of my baby as soon as I had mine out.

This is typical.

See those fuzzy dice in the front? They love to have all kinds of things in the windows.

Sometimes it's hazardous.

Not today.

Here's a view of another bus just like our bus from our bus.

After our meeting we visited a local 'cafeteria' for lunch. Fuul sandwich and a fresh fruit juice/smoothie.

You can guess which N liked. This is a common face for my girlie. Isn't it funny?

She mostly wanted to take the straw in and out and in and out. It was cute at first and then I wanted her to stop. She didn't want to stop. So then we had a straw-tugging match.

I had a straw-tugging match with my one year old. (!)

I won. But it wasn't easy. She's got a death grip, even on a slippery straw.

I like days out with the girls.

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