22 January 2011

Redemption II - The Forest

Today I redeemed another Christmas gift card thingy from my hubby... a trip to the forest!

We'd never been to this 'forest' in the city before. We thought it would be hard to find, but it turned out it wasn't hard at all. We just drove to the vague vicinity of the forest and then followed all the young couples whose parents would not approve of them being out together... and we easily found the forest!

It was actually kinda of foresty. Much to our surprise! And it was right on the Nile. We were surprised by how quiet and peaceful it was.

We chose a tea lady who had chairs on the edge of the forest by the water and got settled.

If we would have come and hour later I think we would have seen a gorgeous sunset over the water.

N sat in this chair for about 2.5 minutes. During which time she gnawed on a muffin.

Then she threw bits of it on the ground and peered over to take a look.

H sat in his seat for about 4.5 minutes and drank his very own cup of carcaday (hibiscus) tea.

He would sit next to his cup of tea and stick his finger in it to repeatedly test the temperature.

So cute.

He especially enjoyed the last drops which were pretty much pure sugar. When he held the glass up to his lips for a long time to let the thick sugary syrup slowly drip down the glass into his mouth I asked him what he was doing. He told me "I jus wike da sugar Mama."

Uh huh. I bet you do!

There was lots to explore.

And lots of exploring to watch.

Please. Could someone tell me what is IN that belly of hers? Besides, of course, the muffin that was repeatedly dropped in the dirt and returned to her grubby little hands?

1 comment:

  1. Isn't it obvious? N's belly is full of contentment and happiness, no? :) Looks like you guys had a great weekend (much better than the below zero wind chills in Ohio this weekend)!


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