15 January 2011


Today I redeemed one of my Christmas presents from my hubby...

We went to buy plants!!

As soon as we got out of the car H was mesmerized by all the flowers out front.

This place even had a proper flower shop in the front.

When I stepped in here I didn't feel like I was in the country that I was in.

At all.

H was most excited about anything orange. Orange is his color, after all.

This kid ran all over the nursery. Up and down and up and down and around and around the little dirt aisles.

Can you see the energy oozing out of his limbs? This compact pose was struck just before he started jumping in circles, limbs waving in all directions.

Crazy kid.

Crazy cute kid.

Seriously, he was hysterical.

"Moommeeeee, Daadeeeeeeee, wook at dis! Wook at dis! Woooook aaaat diiiiisss!" (pointing everywhere all at once).

Everything was amazing to him.

He is amazing to me.

This one? She couldn't have cared less.

It's okay. We all have our days, don't we?

This was my bonus plant! One above the prescribed two!!

The plant carrier was quite proud of his duty.

Look at this gorgeous vine with the hanging flowers. I bought one of those for the equivalent of five bucks. Do you think mine will turn out to look like that one?

Not sure.

But I'm a-gonna try.

Here we finalized our purchases. The blue flowering viney plant, the small very cheap bonus plant and the palm looking plant for indoors.

I think I'll go back with H sometime. I don't think the kid would have been any happier at Disneyland.

Okay. I don't actually know that.

I just know that he LOOOVED this plant nursery!

I did too. Thanks Mikey!

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