17 January 2011

Repeat Offender

Usually I am pretty good about my kids' boundaries. As in, what is a toy and what is not.

But there is one area I have not been consistent with my daughter. At all.

It shows.

I know that the kitchen cabinets and pantry and fridge should be off limits. But she knows my weakness and she sneaks in at just the moment when I'm in the end stages of some multi-tasking kitchen feat. She knows I haven't the energy to wash my hands, move her away, tell her no, watch (and listen to) her scream and insist she stop digging in the cabinets.

Instead I use my energy to wash my hands, take her picture and tell her how cute she is, naturally.

She loves it.

Then later I clean up everything she pulled out.

Then I am reminded that I have lemon poppy seed muffins mixes and another bag of brown sugar. Oh goodie!

And the next day... repeat.

I have proof. Lots of proof.

Wanna see?

Okay. I can't hear you.

But here is the proof anyway...

Here she is squatting on a precious pack of pretzels.

She has no respect for the much-too-small-for-the-price packet of imported pretzels.

She's really looking hard for somethin'. Maybe she knows that I hide the cheerios back there...

She's so dang cute.

And brave! Here she risked her life to discover the unknown territory of the refrigerator door.

It keeps her happy and occupied...

I can't say no!

Just look at her...

I also came across this picture from November at my parent's house.

Even then, I found her gazing longingly into their (incredibly clean, now that I look at it compared to mine) fridge.

If only she'd eat half of what she pulls out...


  1. Mommy's little disorganizer! :-)

  2. That smile is ridiculous!!! I wouldn't deny that child that fun either!!!


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