11 January 2011


We live IN a giant sandbox.

And now we HAVE a sandbox!!

Some friends gave us their box and so I just swept my floors to gather enough sand to fill the nice red shell.

Just kidding.

It's dusty here. But not that dusty.

We actually paid a nice hard-working man to dump five buckets of sand into the red plastic shell when the red plastic shell was in the back of our vehicle.

Here's the breakdown that you didn't ask for:

Cost of red plastic shell: Nada!
Cost of sand: the equivalent of $1.
Cost of labor (we paid the nice sand bucketing man to bucket the sand for us): the equivalent of $0.66

Total cost of sandbox IN the sandbox?


Can I hear an amen?!!

Aaaanyway, today it worked wonders.

Well, the sandbox worked wonders for my boy and a tiny pile of sand on the balcony worked wonders for my girl.

She LOVED it.

See that dribble on her chin?

Yup. She sampled the sand.


Oh well.

H, on the other hand, was busy cracking eggs!



And they played together in the little pile.

And then the wind kicked up!! Look at those faces!

They did not know what to do.

"Mama... it's WINDEEEEEEEEEE!"

I couldn't help but giggle at these two. They are funny. And cute.

Very funny and very cute. Very cute and very funny.

More playing together!

Today was a good day. We have lots of those.


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  1. The one profile shot of H looks just like Michael when he was little. Ah, memories! We just watched an old video of a trip to rice lake in canada and Michael was holding a fish he caught, he just couldn't get his fingers in the gills to hold it up :-)


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