12 January 2011

A Vocabulary Lesson

Today I have for you a vocabulary lesson.

From my son.

You're gonna love it.

1. Golden cwackers

(Thanks for bringing these over Grammi! They were much enjoyed and even though they are still asked for, they are sadly all gone.)

2. "Sacky butt full of sacky butt"

His phrase.

I have no idea.

Don't ask. Just smile and nod and say "uh huh."

3. "Magnets"

And yes. We just took our tree down a couple days ago.

Stop judging me.

And lastly...


4. "Pupcake"


I love it when my boy asks for a pupcake. Or asks me if I'm making pupcakes. Or asks me if I'll share my pupcake.


We had a scare the other day where Mikey told H the correct word, which he then used for the remainder of the day.

I cried myself to sleep that night.

Then the next morning my boy asked me for a pupcake.

So I'm all better now.


  1. I remember feeling that way about my niece learning the correct pronunciations of words. It somehow meant the baby and toddler stage was disapearing much too quickly! With one exception. My name is Laurel, which is incredibly difficult for anyone under about age 4-5 to pronounce correctly. Personally, until I was about 4, I even called myself "Lo-Lo" becuase I just couldn't get out "Laurel" correctly. Well, I was never so happy as the summer my niece upgraded my name to "Auntie Lurlul" (still not quite Laurel, but not bad either) from what it had previously been-- "Auntie Urinal"! :) So I'm glad you guys can enjoy pupcakes together!

  2. Ever since you posted this blog, I've been scratching my head trying to come up with the interpretation of "sacky butt full of sacky butt". Despite my now bleeding scalp (really need to trim the nails before so much scratching!), the best I can come up with is "sandy mud full of sandy mud". But then what else would sandy mud be full of if not full of sandy mud? Need to give my scratched up head a break! I guess we don't have to figure it out for it to be cute!! :)

  3. J still says the color, "lellow" :-) No corrections! At least till age 4!


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