08 January 2011

The Winds of Change

(Tomorrow those from the southern part of this country will vote and decide if they'd like to separate from the north part of the country. This vote follows decades of civil war and most recently, six years of peace)

Tonight the winds of change blow through.
This wind shakes the windows. It shakes me too.
In with it comes something different, something new.

Separation or unity. The words circle 'round.
Surrounding these words, implications are wound.
In the city, tomorrow, will a cry of freedom resound?

I cannot sleep as these winds blow through me
My thoughts swim in circles about war, about free.
I’ve always been free. But what if I hadn’t. Who might I be?

What’s it like to be free if you haven’t known it before?
Or what about this? What if all you’ve known is war?
Wouldn’t freedom seem the answer? The ticket to soar?

Freedom motivates. It moves. It cries out to be obtained.
It’s inside us humans. It’s deep. It’s somehow ingrained.

What happens tomorrow? I’m not sure. I can’t say.
“God be in control.” That’s all I can pray.

It’s history in the making. That much is certainly true.
Tonight the winds of change blow through.

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  1. So well said-- thinking and praying for you and all in these times... thanks for the posts!!


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