02 February 2011

Apple Smile

Today's snack:

Get it? See it?

apple lips + marshmallow teeth + peanut butter gums (?) = apple smile

Creepy or fun?


H is showing us his teeth.


Here's my version.

If I were a foodie, I would call it: Apple Smile, deconstructed.

Got that idea from this book.

I love books that do creative thinking for me and give me detailed instructions and demonstrative photos on how to do fun things with wee ones.

I just love them.

And I love this guy.

He ate the marshmallows first (no big surprise) but had serious issues with the peanut butter on the apple. He didn't intend to eat it cause "It makes my hands all sticky Mama!"

What? A kid who doesn't like peanut butter cause it makes his hands STICKY?

Who is this child?

Oh yeah. He's his Daddy's son.


He ate it though. If I would pick it up off the plate and hand it to him.

Lord have mercy. This boy has stolen my heart.

1 comment:

  1. Cute craft-food project, and I can absolutely see why H has stolen your heart-- ADORABLE!!


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