24 February 2011

The Chair Challenge

My daughter is in the plastic-chair-challenge stage.

It's terribly cute.

And terribly scary! My heart skips a beat everytime she is playing with the chair. Like this moment... yikes!

Whew. Good dismount, girlie.

My, she's parched for pretend water after climbing up and down. Up and down.

Time to re-mount.


She's gonna be a ballerina. I just know it.

This is third position. Right?


Oh my.

Getting nervous.

Don't stand up N!!

This was taken as I ran across the room to get her down just as the chair began to tip over.

This was taken the second time I ran across the room to get her down.

This was taken the third time I ran across the room to get her down.

She's too young for first time obedience, right?


I'll be glad when she masters the Chair Challenge.

1 comment:

  1. Do I have a sick sense of humor for thinking it's hysterical that you have 3 photos of rushing to save tipping baby? Oh well, I still love it!


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