25 February 2011

Day Four

Day Four and I hit a wall.

We had a fabulous day. We had a dear friend overnight and more friends over for brunch and playing and chatting and then we went to friends for lunch and playing and chatting. I like eating and playing and chatting. It's a great way to spend a day.

But by dinner time I was sitting in a messy house ready to pay LOTS of money if there was just a number I could call to order a pizza and have it delivered. I had hit a wall.

Here's where I think things went wrong:

1. I didn't have my strongly caffeinated beverage at approximately 12 noon. I had it at about 10am and that was too early.

Number 1 led to number

2. I took a nap when the kids did.

You may think this is a good thing, cheering me on saying "Yes!! Rest when the kids do! You deserve it!"

And you're right. I do deserve it. (Well, honestly, if you wanna get technical, I deserve to have a nice rest about as much as I deserve anything nice and and beautiful in this world and that is not at all. But we don't have to get technical all the time, now do we?)

Aaaaaanyway... resting is vastly different from napping. Cause when rest time is over you are rested cause you did some fulfilling quiet activity just for you. But when nap time ends abruptly as your toddler in the next room starts yelling 'MOOOOOOOMMMMY!!! I woke up!" then you are anything but rested. You are groggy and grumpy and mad at the world.

That's when I had the surrounded-by-mess-and-I-want-need-gotta-order-a-pizza-right-now moment.

Except that ordering pizza thing doesn't happen in my part of town.

So I got my butt up and made my specialty: egg cheese burritos. Apple, orange and banana on the side. The kids ate well and I felt much better. Then I got back on my game...

Washed dishes, threw diapers in the wash, instructed small boy to pick up toys, folded laundry, threatened the small boy to pick up his toys, swept the floor, put on a movie for boy who picked up his toys, sewed a bit, prepared pizza dough (tomorrow's dinner crisis averted), bathed my girlie, put sweet clean girlie to bed, read to my boy, put sweet boy to bed, sewed more and showered.

And I lived to blog about it.

One more day.

We miss you Mikey.

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