21 February 2011

Eat it Up

I am a think-aheader.

A save-the-best-for-laster.


And now we've realized that our summer travels are gonna begin in less than three months. So soon?

I know.

Time flies when you're having fun.

Anyway, do you know what that means? I mean besides the obvious mile-long list of preparations that must be made to leave this home for a few months and travel with a family of four around the world and stay in approximately 94 different places along the way before we land back here at the end of the summer? [exhausted just thinking about it]

It means it's time to eat it up!!!

Do I hear cheering?

Yes! I do! From my own stomach!!

See, we carry in quite a few food items that we can't get locally. Cheddar cheese, powder cheese, Velveeta 'cheese' (please note the use of quotation marks there), Parmesan cheese. Apparently we import a lot of cheese. Never realized that before. But that's not all. There's Craisins and dried blueberries and cake mixes and a Ghiradelli brownie mix (I think I hear the Halleljuiah chorus), muffin mixes and gravy packets and pesto packets and dressing packets and various and sundry other packets and Cheerios and Goldfish crackers and I'll stop naming things now. People send us stuff too (which we love!) and also this year Mom and Dad brought a lot in their luggage at Christmastime.

Hallelujah and amen.

I've had a lot of it around for months, but my plan-aheadedness and save-the-best-for-lastestness won't let me use more than a couple things on occasion. I can't possibly use it all up until I know I have to. For me, half the fun is just knowing it's there should I want it. And now I know that if we don't use it up soon it'll sit around all summer (in a kitchen warm enough to bake something without even turning the oven on) and go to waste.

So happily, gladly, joyfully and gleefully we are gonna start eating it up!

This is just a taste (pun intended) of all of the imported food goodness that is lurking in my fridge and pantry and freezer (helllllo pepperoni!!!) Only there are a few too many cookie mixes and chocolate chips for my own good at this point. Bummer. Why didn't I space those out a bit more? I'm really kicking myself about that now. Why can't I be one of those people that can receive a prize brownie mix in the mail, shout "Carpe Diem!" and pre-heat the oven immediately upon arriving home?

I'm gonna try harder from now on to shout "Carpe Diem" when I'm at the post office.

Except that I'm never the one that goes to the post office.


Better late than never, right?

Pardon me, I may go pre-heat my oven now...


  1. I've been thinking all day about whether or not to eat things now, ration them, or just plain save them. I think you just convinced me go and eat some cereal :)

  2. I say, "Pre-heat! Pre-heat! Pre-heat!" Woohoo! Enjoy your rewards of being so good pacing yourselves the rest of the year! :)

  3. enjoy. Reminds me of when we were in Uganda and the girls were drawing pictures of what they wanted to eat when we got back to the states. I think subs were high on the list.


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