04 February 2011


Flashback to N's first birthday.

I thought it would be cute at bedtime to take a picture of her with her lovies. You know... so that the whole world (?) can see her sweet toys that she is attached to these days. To have a nice little memory.

Uh huh. So I thought.

Here is how it went.

Follow along...

I put them in her lap and tried in vain... "N! Look here! Give me a smile! "La la la la lookie up here! Look at Mommy sweet girl!! Hellloooo! Show me that grin!!!"

You know... the usual way us Moms sound like idiots and make fools of ourselves trying to get a smile on camera.

I failed.

She was like "What are these things in my lap Mom!?"

"Get. Them. Away."

"Away with you, Teddy."

"Go over there."

"You too Taggy. I don't want you here."

"Dolly? I don't want to see your face."

"Okay, I'm ready to look up Mommy, since my toys are smashed together on the edge of the couch far away from me looking unloved and dejected."

Um... what in the WORLD?!

It was just so strange!!

I promise she hugs one or more of these things when she falls asleep!

I cannot explain her behavior.

But I can show you that I tried one more time, moving the lovies and keeping her attention away from them long enough to get a silly little grin from N, Teddy and Dolly all at the same time.

Yeah. That's more like it.


1 comment:

  1. I love the action shots of Teddy being flung as well as the looks on N's face. Such a sweet girl!


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