05 February 2011


Here's another flashback.

This time we are flashing back to our Middle East trip last summer.

Our first stop was Kuwait, if you recall, which I'm sure you don't, and that's fine, it just seemed like a nice way to start the sentence.

Sweet N all of a sudden started blowing bubbles (spitting?) constantly. It was really funny. You have to be a parent to understand that.

I took pictures of her blowing bubbles all over Kuwait, expecting to do the same in the next two countries and then put them in one long watch-my-silly-daughter-blow-bubbles-all-over-the-Middle-East post. But the thing is, is that when we left Kuwait... she stopped blowing-bubbles at all.

I can't explain it.

But I can tell you that she is STILL sleeping this morning (it's 10:34), H is still watching a movie, and my husband isn't back from playing football (soccer) yet... so I am continuing to blog like a maniac.

So now I will post these six pictures of my girlie blowing bubbles all over Kuwait (and nowhere else) that have been sitting in a folder on my computer desktop for half a year.

Then I'll feel much better.

Bubbles at the breakfast buffet. God bless that breakfast buffet. The breakfast buffet at this hotel was a spiritual experience for me. I'm not even kidding. God shows His love to me through breakfast buffets. Especially free ones.


Bubbles during portrait time.

Hard-to-see bubbles in the local market. (No need to be alarmed at the strange man in the picture... that guy pushing her is our friend! Ha!)

Bubbles on the floor of the children's museum. Ohmygoodness she was such a baby!

Bubbles in the car seat.

And bubbles in the hotel lobby. God bless that hotel. What a gift it was!

Good memories. So many good memories...

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