04 February 2011

Homemade Play-Dough

You might be surprised (or not) that we can't buy Play-Doh here. Or maybe I could, if I wanted to pay with my arm and my leg.

But we can MAKE it!

And I have to say that I actually like the homemade kind way better than the real kind. The real kind gets crumbly really easily, doesn't it? And every time you (and your kids... ha!) are done playing you always grab a wad of it, thump thump thumping it all over the chair and table and floor to pick up all the crumbs that got everywhere, don't you?

Uh huh. I know you do. I did too.

Until my life changed...

I knew my Mother-in-Law (hi, Mom!) had some homemade once... so I asked for the recipe. The ingredients are so simple and can all be bought locally, except for the Kool-Aid packets, which I always bring with us anyway.

So H had a fun surprise when he woke up from his nap!!

We spent quite awhile baking that afternoon.

(patented baking technique)

Mmmn. Cookies!

Would you like one?


(not sure)

I'd set the timer for H for 1 minute, but he was too excited to 'check his cookies in the oven' that he couldn't' even bring himself to wait until it beeped! It was super cute.

Can I also take this opportunity to say that this timer you see above is also from my Mother-in-Law... and it is my FAVORITE timer ever. Oh, except maybe for the green pepper timer that I had for a long time in college and loved so much. It broke, Mikey tried to buy me another on eBay, that one never worked, and that was the last I've had a green pepper timer in my life. The Pyrex timer is my favorite for functionally, for sure. The green pepper timer was never so functional... just cute! Wow... what am I talking so much about timers? How can a lady get so excited about timers, you wonder? When a woman spends so much time it the kitchen, timing things. That's how.


Here's the booket the recipe came out of.

(click on photo to enlarge it if you want to follow the recipe)

This is so easy! One batch makes plenty for multiple little peeps to share, it's edible (salty, but true) and it will have the scent of whatever Kool-Aid packets you chose. And the best part? It's doesn't dry out quickly and there will be much less 'thump thump thumping' going on...

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  1. Awesome! I'm going to have to try this recipe with my niece and younger cousins! Since it calls for two packages of Koolaid, any idea if I can half the dough and do one half in one color/flavor Koolaid and the other half another color/flavor? I assume so and might have to try and let you know how that goes! :) Thanks for sharing!


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